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BJDcollectasy will no longer carry news from the Russian retailer Manga.zin.  The store has been accused of claiming dealerships for companies they do not actually represent.  Most recently, they have taken images and posts from BJDcollectasy and added them to their own website.  All previous posts on the store’s events will be removed except the one where Doll Mix has posted information on them HERE. Their link is already gone.



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  • BJD Sep 9, 2016, 8:11 am

    About DM – we deleted all that items immediately then they told us about it.
    And it was not on Manga-zin.net – you can check – but on our new site only – i-bjd.com
    We just hired freelancer programmer and he downloaded prices and photos of manufacturers from their site, because photots and prices are the same from all dealers. But then they told us about – we deleted all these items immediately, so there are none of those items there now, you can check it by yourself. And there were not any of these on our old site – Manga-zin.net

    So please check by yourself both sites and see.

  • DollMix Sep 9, 2016, 2:43 pm

    Not a single freelancer would pass a project to the customer up until the customer verifies that the project is done good. You’ve started advertising your new website, when it was look-a-like with ours. And I don’t believe that you’ve never seen our website before as well as BJD Collectasy website (which surprisingly has the same structure as your bjdnews.ru).
    So basically you admit that information has been stolen from our site – “and he downloaded prices and photos of manufacturers from their site, because photos and prices are the same from all dealers”. Unfortunately, the last part is not true – we also changed some images that they would be more clear for Russian-speaking people. As well as for the first part – there were programmed options and structure also downloaded, which were specifically programmed for our website. At Russian BJD community forum at first you were telling everyone that there was no act of copying, everything is different from what you’ve been shown. That was said while you tried to delete as much items as possible. By the way, forum admin & moderator are still waiting for your official statement and explanation.

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