Nine9 Iris and Hanboks

Sheep Nine Iris is available at Nine9 Style.  She is sold as a basic doll, or as a full-set with a modernized hanbok.

58cm tall Iris may be ordered in normal or white skin resin.  The doll comes with a Dreaming Doll Elva body.  Body choices include the new body or an older one that comes with two breast type options, basic or push-up.  An optional face-up, Enchanted eyes shown in the photos and heel legs may be added. The full-set will include a face-up, random wig, glass and a hanbok in scarlet or navy blue. The Enchanted eyes may be added.

The SD13 size  hanbok sets are sold separately, and  sets are also available for the 1/6 size Bunny Nine girls.




modernizedhanbok bunny9

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