Latidoll Basic Pre-order

Latidoll is preparing to take orders for basic dolls. A free gift will be offered during the first week of the order period with qualifying orders.

From the company:

1. Basic Sales
Duration : 7th September, 2016 ~ 21th September, 2016(2 weeks!)

2. Event Head
This is a special occasion!!
If you purchase more than USD300 within the first week of this event(7th September~ 14th September), “Wink ver. S.Belle head(Normal skin)” is given to you!!!

*Please note that glass eyes and make-up are not included.

3. This sales opening also includes T.Joy with a new version head and Yuri!
It’s been long time no see! you can buy Puri and Laches as well!!


Gift head Wink ver. S.Belle

Gift head Wink ver. S.Belle