Oasis Doll Roxanne

Sarina W. of Oasis Doll introduces new doll Roxanne and a new outfit.

59cm tall Roxanne may be purchased as a full-doll or as a head-only. The New It Girl body may also be ordered separately. The doll is cast in normal skin. She will include both flat feet and a pair of high-heel legs plus pair of fist hands. A face-up is optionally available, Layaway can be arranged.

The “Pre-fall Corset” set includes a corset, skirt, underskirt and necklace. The outfit is sold by pre-order.

From the artist:

Oasisdoll New It Girl Model Roxane Lines up!New outfit available!

Order Information

New doll Roxane:

New outfit:

How to make a valid order(important!)

1.  Email me (Twiggy, killbill on DOA) included such information:

     1) As the title Order Oasisdoll

2) Ordering items (what, how many, with/without faceups)

3) Your country and city (for calculating the post cost)

4) Please note if you need a layaway
Twiggy’s email: jxy527@hotmail.com






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