Withdoll Cats Arrive

Sara Siamese, Turkish Angora Tara, and Russian Blue Roy “cats” are now released at WithDoll. The 16cm tall BJDs come in white, cream white, rose white , normal or grey skin resin.Each doll can be ordered with a boy or a girl body. Sara, Tara and Roy will come with two sets of human hands, human feet, cat hands and feet, and a random color pair of cat eyes. Options include a face-up, cat outfit and cat parts painting.

From the company:

Withdoll 16cm New Limited Edition [Cats] are released.
This limited edition is sold for a limited period of time only.
These dolls go on sale from Sep. 1. This sale ends Sep. 21
If the sales of the product exceed our estimates,
This item could be sold out before the end of the sale period.
Please give us your interest and support





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