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11angeltoastbanner2Angel Toast is the web-based business of an extremely talented face-up artist, Andrea, who has also sculpted several of her own doll heads.  BJDcollectasy previously interviewed her back in 2010.  Since then, Andrea’s face-up business has greatly expanded, and she is a new retailer for Luts dolls. After a break from sculpting, she also has a new 1/3 size BJD head named “Crow”.


Q: Andrea, are you also continuing to use the name Elisa Maza online?

A: Yes, on Den of Angels, flickr, and Instagram. Elisa Maza (from the TV show “Gargoyles”) has been my online alias since the 90’s, but my real name is Andrea. 

Q: When did you move from DoA for commissions to your own website?

A: I believe it was around 2013. I do still have a thread on DoA and all my info can be found there as well.

Q: How do you feel your face-up and aesthetics work has changed since way back in 2010?

A: I would like to think I’ve improved over time. 😉

Faceups, like all forms of art, evolve all the time. My main focus is still the personality of the doll, the plastic soul. I also paint and customize other dolls now, like Pullip, Barbie, Monster High, Tonner, and Disney dolls. I hope to keep learning and improving there as well!

Q: Are you still carrying the same work-load (14 commissions a month)?

A: It’s actually a little less than double that now, as far as heads. AngelToast is my full-time job now. Over time I’ve been able to streamline my workflow and I have a pretty good system in place. I also now have a wonderful team behind me! Azurielle, who helps me organize commissions; Mike, who is in charge of packaging and shipping and helps with invoicing; and Will, who designs all our logos and graphics and is in charge of the website. Having them to back me up has been invaluable in getting the business to where it is now.

Q: Do you still take on modding projects?

A: Some. I’ve developed rather bad allergies, which includes resin dust, so I don’t do a lot of modding anymore. I will do the occasional elf ears or vampire teeth, or do modding projects just for fun.

Q: There was a long pause before you released a new doll head.  Why?

A: I had to get sculpting out of my system, then for a long time I focused on faceups and getting AngelToast to where I wanted it.

Q: How did Crow come about?

A: Actually, a sculptor friend of mine (Nanyalin of Magic Mirror Studio) suggested that my Elf Raven sculpt might look good with smaller eyes. That idea inspired me, and I chopped up a cast of Elf Raven and resculpted the eyes and modded the nose and mouth. You can still kind of see Raven in there, but he turned out so different in the end that he got a new name.

Q: How else do you think Crow differs from your previous heads?

A: As with faceups, I would like to think I’ve learned over time. I took a couple of online sculpting classes to learn more of the basics. And he is different because I like him much better than my previous work. 😉

Q: How did you happen to become a retailer for Luts?

A: Luts actually approached me, based on my business, and asked if I wanted to become a retailer. I was happy to agree, as I’ve admired Luts since my beginning days in the hobby. Crow is actually sculpted to fit on Luts Delf and SDF bodies.

On an exciting note, Azurielle and I will be attending the Atlanta Ball Jointed Doll Convention this year and will be selling Luts dolls with my faceups, along with Crow and Azurielle’s magnificent fantasy outfits. We have several full-sets in the works for the convention!

Q: Will Luts be the only company you carry?

A: For the moment, we’re getting our bearings with being a dealer. I would like to add other companies in the future.

Q: Back in 2010 you had 18 dolls.  How many do you own now?

A: Oh wow, really? Well it’s about double that now!

Q: I believe I have seen AngelToast mentioned as the face-up artist for other artist’s/company’s dolls.  Is that correct?  If so, who have you worked with?

A: In 2015 I did a collaboration with Peak’s Woods, I painted a doll for them for a charity auction. I’ve also worked with Twigling, Bo Bergemann, and Creamsoda BJD, and will be doing some dolls for Magic Mirror and BeBell Doll soon. I am also on Fairyland’s list of recommended commissionable artists which they started earlier this year. It’s all very exciting! I’m very honored and always thrilled to work with such talented people! 

 Q: Thank you for returning to talk to us again!

A: Thank you very much! It’s a pleasure to do another interview with you. 

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