New Ring Kid Bodies

Ringdoll has new 1/4 size Ring Kid bodies available. They are RKbody-5 (boy) and RKbody-6 (girl).They are now an option for all Ring Kid dolls or may be purchased separately in normal, white or tan skin resin.

From the company:

Ringdoll has released new body type in 1/4 size:
RKbody-5 for boys:http://www.ringdoll.com/goods.php?id=643
RKbody-6 for girls:http://www.ringdoll.com/goods.php?id=642

According to the comments collected,some change has been made on the basis of the former body types. We altered the hips and made the hands smaller. At the same time,RKbody-3 and RKbody-4 are still available for your option.