Baby Delf Dress Event

Luts is offering a free outfit event for purchasers of a new Baby Delf doll.  Owners of older dolls including those made by Custom House will be able to purchase the set at a discount.

From the company:


Baby Delf Owner limited special sale-(Favorable price)

It’s sale for almost 25% from regular price.

PERIOD : AUG. 19. 2016 17:00 ~ SEP. 19. 2016 17:00 (Korean Time)

-For the owner of LUTS Baby Delf (manufactured before 2016 only) or AIDOLLS (Custom house) CLASSIC Ai.

(Target Baby Delf : Baby Delf ROSE, DAISY, ROSE Romance, DAISY Romance)


FREE Clothes GIFT EVENT for Baby Delf

-Period AUG.19.2016 17:00~ SEP.19.2016 17:00

-Items Clothes (BDF PrimRose Set)

All Baby Delf Orders in this event period or “Baby Delf Owner limited special sale” order

ex. 1 Baby Delf order CAN GET 1 Free Clothes,

2 Baby Delfs order CAN GET 2 Free Clothes.

* This event is free Clothes event for Baby Delf order.
* Period (AUG.19. 2016 17:00 ~ SEP.19. 2016 17:00)

* All Baby Delf orders are qualified for free clothes in this event period. (including Baby Delf Owner limited special sale order)

* This item will be sold separately.


baby delf oufit1