Miho and Dreaming Miho Release

Migidoll has released the renewed Dreaming Miho head. The head is sold blank in normal or white skin resin. Customers may also purchase both the regular and dreaming heads as a set. The set will be sold at a special price.

For a limited time, customers will have an opportunity to purchase a boy’s body with optional painting.  The body will be available fully blushed or just hands and/or feet.

From the company:

Releases New Style type “Dreaming Miho”
We have renewed Sleeping.Miho been sold in the past.
The size of the eyes grew a little more, the head was modified cap.
This is a limited time item, we will proceed with the launch event to celebrate.

Limited time sale EVENT
– Miho purchase -> Dreaming Miho head Presented.(Unless otherwise requested, skin color will be shipped the same color as the product ordered.)
– The sale a set “Miho head & D.Miho head” to 200usd. (If purchased separately, it is sold as Style head’s normal price.)

Style type Guy body(65) Painting Event.

We are the first to provide a body painting services.

This is also going to be a short order for a limited time.

Body full painting & Hands, feet’s separate painting are possible.

We will provide 10~20 points for all those who purchase body painting in this period.

– Full body – 20 point
– Hand & Foot – 10 point  


Dreaming Miho




Guy II body blushing

Guy II body blushing