Dollism Plus Tokyo

Dollism Plus Tokyo returns this fall.  The event is co-hosted by Dolk and Dollheart.

From DOLK:

“Dollism Plus Tokyo” is now back!!  

You can meet the special dolls only here in “Dollism Plus Tokyo”!! For the sake of all doll lovers in the world, this enormous event will be hold!!

“Dollism Plus” is a one of the biggest ball-jointed doll conventions hosted by famous doll’s outfit maker, DollHeart in Hong Kong since 2006. Every year, the famous doll makers and artists from all over the world were invited to attend this event. They display and sell their items.

Since 2012, for the BJD lovers in Japan, DOLK became the host with Doll Heart to hold the “Dollism Plus Tokyo” and now, for this year 2016 we will hold the “Dollism Plus Tokyo 2016” at Ikebukuro Sunshine city, this comiing October 22, 2016 11am to 3pm !!

Many famous makers will gather together and show off their beloved dolls. There are special collaboration Dolls also. You can meet them only in this event. Those makers who produce the special dolls devoted themselves and prepare for this event.Please join us and let us share the hot emotions of loves!!

(Our Special Website is in Japanese, you can try to translate by right click in your mouse and click “translate into english”, if you have further questions you can contact us.


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