Luts Store Credit Benefit Event

Luts is preparing to go on vacation. While they are away, they will offer a Store Credit Benefit Event.

From the company:

STORE CREDIT benefit event!

We have store credit benefit event for order during LUTS Summer vacation period!

– Period (Order made time)
29th July, 2016 18:00 ~ 8th August, 2016 09:00

– Store credit will be paid for on 12th August

– Target
All orders through website are automatically attended in the event.

>> Order under $50 : $1 will be offered additionally with your basic store credit (1% of item price)

>> Order of $50 and over $50 : 5% store credit for items price will be gifted.
(ex: If you purchase $50, you will earn $2.5 store credit)

* store credit for order under $50 will be offered only once per a customer.

* store credit can be used when you make next order!