Medusa and William

Doll Chateau has a new event. A new Kid line doll has been released named Medusa. A limited edition doll, William, is the new event gift.

Medusa comes in two different full-sets, one with the box and one without. Body blushing is optional. She may also be purchased as a basic doll.  Resin color choices include white, pink, yellow, tan, grey and green.

William comes blank in white resin. For an extra fee, customers may have the doll painted in style A or B.

From the company:

William is 2016 summer event doll.

If your order value achieves $300,You can get Coupon $60.
If your order value achieves $580, you can get one free nude doll William .if you want make up,just add $60.
If you order new nude doll Medusa –A ,you can get one free nude doll William.
Time:27-Jul-2016 to 30-Aug-2016

medusa 1



william 1