Migidoll News

Migidoll will be introducing a new 1/4 size Cute Type doll body next year.  Starting this month, the company will sell dolls with the old style body at a discount price.

In addition, the company is preparing to release a variety of new Oscar Eyes.

From the company:

Good-by event for Cute type Guy Body!

We are having Final Sale before upgrading the Guy Body in Cute Type.
We will have new style in 2017.

We prepared a small event for this Final Sale.

* Event
Cute type head : Silicon Cap(M Size) + 10% discount.
Cute type Body : Shoes(Cute Size, Design and color random) + 20% discount.
Cute type Set : New Oscardoll eye(Size and design random) + 20% discount.

* Sales period : 10 am on July. 18, 2016 ~ 6 pm on August. 22, 2016 (Korean local time)


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