Light Limner 1st Anniversary

Light Limner is celebrating their first anniversary by offering a significant discount on their 58cm tall basic dolls and doll heads.

The BJDs come in a choice of normal or white skin resin. Basic dolls will include both flat and heel feet. A choice of breast sizes (medium or large) is offered. Options include a face-up in style A or B and hand and foot blushing.

From the company:

We welcome to the 1st foundation day.
We offer 30 ~40% discount for basic Light Limner dolls during event.

[Basic E-Mundo Doll 30~40$ OFF SALE.]

– Period : 20th July 09:00 ~ 17th Aug 24:00(UTC+09:00) –

▶ $610 (Head+Body) → $389
+ Shipping fee
▶ $130 (Separate Head Part) → $90
+ Shipping fee

1) 30 ~ 40% off base price (without options and shipping)

2) Layaway 3 months max for this offer

3) Limited or event dolls orders are not qualified for this event.