LatiDoll Secret Garden

Latidoll is preparing a new limited edition doll series based on the theme “The Secret Garden”. The collection will be released next week. No photos have been posted of the new dolls yet.

From the company:

“Secret Garden”, the New Limited will be released soon~!

Duration : 18th July, 2016 ~ 8th August (Korean time basis)

There is also flourished event for Lati friends who are always supporting us with warm heart.

1. Newly appeared “Wink ver. S.Belle” head (glass eyes and make-up not included) will be given as a gift to customers who purchase at least 1 Limited doll within seven days after order opening(18th~25th July).
*Please note that the only one head is given per ID.

2. For the customer who purchase Full Package(all the Secret Garden limited dolls and options are packed as one package), one Wink ver. S.Belle Nude doll(glass eyes and make-up not included) will be given as a gift regardless order date~!!

Lati’s new friend Joy and G. Yuri will join us through this limited~
Hope you love our new release with these cutest friends!!

lati secret garden