Raccoon’s Last Summer Sale

Raccoon Doll has launched a second event for summer. They have released a new girl named Momo and new “smiling Gene and Lucy heads.

Limited edition Momo may be ordered in normal or sweet mocha resin with a choice of slim or glamorous body. Both body types come with a choice of small or large breasts. A face-up may be optionally added. Two versions are shown: Momo in the morning and Momo in the afternoon.

The limited edition doll heads come in both resin colors. They are sold blank with  optional face-ups.

Two yukata sets are available, one in a yellow print and the other in light purple.

From the company:

raccon summer 2

Momo in the morning

Momo in the morning

Momo in the Afternoon

Momo in the Afternoon


Smiling Gene


Smiling Lucy