Charles’ Creature Cabinet Booties

Charles’ Creature Cabinet has new booties in various sizes for 9cm, 14cm and 30cm dolls. They may be purchased from the company or through authorized retailers Denver Doll Emporium and Oobie Doll.

From the artist:

Dear Friends & Collectors,

New IF Booties in CCC’s shop for FILIA MOON 30cm & Fidelia & family of tinies (9cm / 14cm)

~Wild Animal PINK for big firefly faerie 30cm YOSD BJD
~Wild Animal GREEN for CCC TINY BJD

“All a Firefly Faerie really needs are Goggles, Wings and Stompin’ IF Booties!”

TUULA TUULIKKI faun 30cm BJD in Tan and Sand
Limited Pre-Order Period will run from 26th June – 29 July, will close earlier when limited numbers have been reached.

IMG_8959 smll

CCC WA Pink Filia Moon IF Booties

CCC Wild Animal Green IF Booties1

IMG_8792 pm smll