Withdoll News and Event

WithDoll has launched a Summer Event, The event offers discounts on dolls and the return of special skin resins. Three dolls have been re-released, Knights of the Light Eliza and Luna and Dark Knight Priscilla.

From the company:

[Withdoll Summer Event]

Period :
July 12 to July 22

Detail :
01. You can buy the doll for 15% off the original price. (only head and body.)
02. You can order the doll with special skin ; Brown Tan (UV) and Gray skin
03. Knight of the Light Eliza and Luna and Dark Knight Priscilla are re-released.

Caution :
If the sales of the special skin exceed our estimates,
It could be sold out before the end of the event period.
The production process of the special skin is very difficult.
Please understand.


Some orders of Margery, Cecily, and Adriana was canceled.
So these dolls are restocked in small quantities.
These dolls are restricted to 50.
At the end of the event period, these dolls will be sold out.
These dolls will not re-release.

[New Doll]

Basic Ver. Vera will be released soon.
Please give us your interest and support.