DollMix News

DollMix is offering additional deals for the DollZone summer event in their store. All events at DollMix may be seen on their home page.

From the shop:

During Dollzone event, we provide the following special offers:

A. You can get grey or tan skin for 1/3 or 70+ Dollzone dolls or bodies for FREE (you pay as you would have purchased doll in a basic skintone), for dolls and bodies 1/4 and 1/6 you will have to add only $20 for tan or grey skin.
B. If you order Dollzone dolls in ordinary skintones (white, yellow or pink), you will get special shipping prices: 1/3 and 70+ shipping is $40; 1/4 – $30; 1/6 – $20.

You can only choose A or B Special offer. These offers cannot be combined with any other offer or event, but your order may still participate in Dollzone Summer event. Shipping price is shown for one doll only and could be increased if there’s more than one doll in the order (accordingly). With the long layaway (over 3 months) special offer may differ (depends on the layaway terms and down payment). This special offer is only available during Dollzone Summer event.

Dollzone doesn’t plan to sell dragon dolls separately.
However, if you need dragon only, you can write us. If we have extra, we will sell them (white – $140, grey – $160). Dragons do not participate in the event or any special offers. If you don’t want your event dragon, you can have additional discount for your order when ordering through DollMix.

* All prices are shown in USD.