Ahaz and Ludwig

Julia Cross of La Legende de Temps ( LLT) is now taking orders for long-awaited dolls Ahaz and Ludwig. They are the first full dolls released by the artist. Both are 75cm tall and come in a choice of normal, white, real or light tan resin. A two or three-part layaway is available. Customers that buy a full doll may also optionally buy an additional head.  A face-up and body blushing may be added. A free “leaf” comes with the doll.

From the artist:

First of all, Thank you for all LLTDOLL fans’ liking, with your appreciation and encouragement we finally DID IT!

It’s a long way journey since I decided to made whole doll, the path filled with hard, heart breaking(yes I mean my “over-baked” Praying hands ), tired and lonely. But finally it turns to my precious experience.

Ludwig & Ahaz are my first whole doll work, finally they coming for sale, wish you love them.

ludwig ahaz





llt boy body1 llt boy body2

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