Color Me Blue!

FreedomTeller introduces Color me Blue! suits for SD13, SD17 and 70cm boy dolls. The suits include a jacket and trousers with optional vest. Customers may choose a light blue solid, light blue checked, dark blue solid or a dark blue check suit.

From the company:

Color me Blue!

It is mixed trendy blue color and rhythmical check pattern.
A jacket and pants are required and vest is optional.
It’s a semi-suit set which is possible to be rhythmic with jacket and pants.
You could mix and match by yourself in your taste.

* We will give an accessory from pictures as a special gift who order [Color me Blue] during July!
* Special gift – Giving one in Corsage, badge, ribbon tie, and white belt in random

Gift Presentation Period : 2016.07.01~07.31 (Making the order during July)


L.Blue check

D.Blue check

L.Blue solid

D.Blue solid