Human and Young White Tiger ver. Lang

A new limited edition doll is being sold by LoongSoul. Only 60  Lang BJDs will be released.

26cm tall Lang may be ordered in a human version and a Young White Tiger version. The doll comes with a choice of male or female body in opaque normal pink, normal yellow or white resin or translucent imported normal pink, normal yellow, white, real or tanned resin. The body comes in a choice of 1 or 3-piece torso. A random pair of glass eyes are included with all dolls.

Options for human Lang include a face-up, wig, outfit and resin tiger mask and ear set.

Basic White Tiger Lang comes with a young tiger head and “creature” body. The doll will also include a pair of tiger ears, a tiger mask, and a tail. Options for the basic version include a tiger face-up and body blushing.

Full-set White Tiger Lang will come with a young tiger head and “creature” body. The doll will also include a tiger face-up, body blushing, a pair of painted tiger ears, a painted tiger mask, and a blushed tail. Also included are a wig, tiger eyes and outfit shown.

In honor of the release of Lang, Loongsoul is offering a 10 day event for the doll.

Lang may be purchased through the company or their authorized international retailers.

From the company:

New Doll Promotion for Lang Human Version (2016.07.01 – 2016.07.10):
A: order $200 get $24 refund, order $400 get $48 refund, and so forth.
B: get nude tiger mask & tiger ears as gifts.
* Event A and event B can not be applied together, please write in the comment box on checkout page about the event you’d like to take part in.

Western Young White tiger – Lang & Related items: order $200 get $20 refund, order $400 get $40 refund.

12% off for Western Young White tiger – Lang Fullset



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