Kitty Jolie Limited Pre-order

French artist Lillycat of Lillycat – Cerisedolls is currently taking orders for 1/4 size Loolou. She has decided to additionally take a few orders for Kitty Jolie dolls as well.

From the artist:

Important notice for Kitty Jolie’s lovers!

As I have no preorder schedule for her before while and because she shares same body than Loolou ( which is currently on preorder ), I can order few extra dolls to my manufacturer with my rabbit.
If you are looking for a Kitty Jolie in Antique pink or in the new color Marron glacé please mail me quickly at order@lillycat.net as I will close the order on Monday.

It Is possible to order the pink with default faceup shown on the website, Marron glacé is available only blank.
As always feel free to mail me if you have any question.
Have a Nice day!



Kitty Jolie in antique pink

Loolou in Marron glace

Loolou in Marron glacé