KeiKei Pre-order

Doll sculptor Ku jeong eun of K-Doll has returned with a new pre-order for the 1/3 KeiKei head in both regular and “black” version.

From the artist:

Sales period: 1 July to 10 July
Sales Head : ‘keikei’ normal skin and white skin / ‘keikei black’ white skin only
Payment : Paypal
delivery period : It takes 10-40 days depending on the payment order

Please read the important information below !
1. The owner name written in the certificate is same as orderer’s. please leave a message if you want another name. You are also welcome to mail kjeasdf@gmail.com
2. this is the last sale of keikei black. (There is one more sale schedule on Dolk, but the price will be expensive because of fees.)
3. The makeup and costumes, body, etc in the photos are not included . Only heads are for sale.

* For more information, please come to check http://k-doll.com

Order error often occurs in our website.
Please write down the Order sheet below, and send it to kjeasdf@gmail.com. We will received your order.
Thank you ^ ^
Address (+country, postal code):
Order type / color / quantity:




KeiKei Black:

KeiKei1 black

KeiKei black

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