Doll Family – A Summer Event

Doll Family – A has opened their Summer Event. Discounts of between 15% and 50% are available. A new pet doll named FanFan has been added. The 11cm turtle is sold blank in green skin resin. Optional face-up and body blushing is available.

Doll Family -A dolls are sold internationally through their authorized retailers.

Event from the company:

Doll Family-A Summer Event (2016.06.21 – 2016.09.01) :
a. 60cm Dolls: 15% off + (free face-up or nude white TuTu) as gift.
b. 45cm Dolls: 20% off + nude Bach Head as gift.
c. 16cm – 33cm Dolls: 20% off.
d. DF-A Pets: 50% off.
e. Doll Body: 20% off.



Tutu gift doll

Tutu gift doll