Tuula Tuulikki (Corrected)

Charles’ Creature Cabinet‘s new “large” doll Tuula Tuulikki is coming soon. A limited Flash Sale and pre-order begins June 24th at 9:00 PM CET.

From the company:

Tuula Tuulikki Tan 
Flash Sale: 10x in stock dolls are offered
** 5x in stock Tan skin
** 5x in stock Sand (light beige) skin

Limited numbered Flash Sale will run from 24th – 26th June

The 10x in stock dolls will be shipped out after order and full payments have been received.

The Limited Pre-Order Period will run from 26th June – 29 July, will close earlier when limited numbers have been reached.

Included: faceup, glass eyes, deer antler, satin pillow wrapping color gold

IMG_8694 smll

IMG_8706 smll