Cucu and Pica Release

DollPamm‘s two new dolls  Bobble Loli Cucu and Pica will be up for pre-order soon. Limited edition versions are being offered in mint green or violet skin resin. Only 20 dolls in each color will be sold.  The girls will also be sold in normal DollPamm resin colors milky pingki, honey and camel.

40cm tall bobble head dolls Pica and Cucu are sold blank. The violet and mint versions come with default eyes, wig, witch outfit and shoes. Optional face-up, hand and foot blushing, fist hands and blushing for fist hands may be added,

A free Nyan-ko cat in a choice of blue-grey or white resin will be given to the first 20 customers that purchase a violet or mint doll. Options for  the Nyan-ko gift doll include face and body painting and a witch hat and cape (eyes not included).

Basic version Cucu and Pica are sold blank only. Options include fist hands and a witch costume.

A blank Nyan-ko cat is sold separately in white resin only.

Pica, Cucu and Nyan-ko  will be available on June 21st Korean time.

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