KOK Collection Summer Event

KOK Doll Collection is holding a Summer Event. Customers that buy dolls from the store will receive a free gift. The gifts include glass eyes, doll wigs and face-ups. KOK Collection sells BJDs from a variety of Chinese companies along with wigs and eyes.

From the shop:

We are Happy to bring you our Summer Event:

Event time: 17th Jun 2016 ~ 31st Aug 2016


During Event time, register as a member from our website www.kokdollcollection.com 

1. Purchase amount for QQ wigs and Beetles eyes equal or over US$60, will get free shipping.

2. Purchase head part, will get a pair of gift glass eyes.

3. Purchase full doll, will get a free default makeup and a random wig.


Gift makeup will be default and paint by our partner Pandolla Box;

Custom makeup is accepted , but it might have extra fee according to the makeup type.
Beetles eyes and QQ wigs:

Mystic Kids Miri

Mystic Kids Miri

Nerine from MaskCatDoll

Nerine from MaskCatDoll

Molly from Blossom Doll

from Blossom Doll

Myou Loretta

Myou Loretta