Doll Clans 5th Anniversary Celebration

DollClans has opened a new pre-order to celebrate their 5th anniversary. Customers that purchase dolls at this time will receive free souvenirs including postcards, military school coaster or military school tote bag. Customers may also purchase a special 5th year photobook.

New 71cm tall S-line Young Vezeto has also been added as a head-only and as a full doll. Also available are BJDs Vezeto, Rynx, Siber, Dauber, Kougar, Kien, Koyote, Jaquer, Python and Wyper. They are sold blank as either kits or assembled dolls. Face-ups are optionally available.

A limited edition military school uniform has been released. It fits the company’s U or Y size or similar 60-65cm dolls.



Young Vezeto


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17_1-5thanniversary2016_01 copy 2