Mint on Card News

Mint on Card has announced changes to their doll ordering system. The changes are due mostly to a recurring problem of long wait times by various companies before orders are shipped.

From the retailer:

The way MoC operates is going to alter a bit. We have decided to change when we place pre-orders with companies. Most brands will be in-stock only except for various times throughout the year when we turn pre-ordering on. There will be a few brands that will always have pre-order available, they are:

-Doll Chateau

All other brands will have the pre-order option turned off after the current pre-order submission date has passed. Because the pre-order option will not be available year-round will be stocking *much more* than we used to. We will also be creating a “Stock It!” button to put on listings so that you can all voice what you would like us to stock.
We realize that this news will be a bummer for some of you. We apologize for this, but currently this seems to be the best direction for our business to take. We are excited about stocking more dolls, and we hope that you are too. We will announce here on FB, on Twitter, and on our website News Page when pre-ordering has opened up for certain brands. And we will let you all know when the “Stock It!” function is up. We appreciate your business & we hope that you will stick with us as we experiment with this ever changing hobby.