Fantasy Art Line Release

Fairyland will finally open pre-orders on their website for the highly anticipated  new Fantasy art line dolls on June 13th. At this time, the little dolls may be ordered exclusively from their authorized retailer Denver Doll Emporium.

Hippogriff Rus is the first anthro doll from the company.   Realfee June and Haru are also being sold. All of the dolls will be sold in basic and limited edition full package sets. The hippogriff and realfee dolls may be re-assembled into human/hippogriff combination dolls.

Rus is being sold in resin colors natural, beautiful white, agra tan, pink and violet. The anthro will include a random pair of eyes. Options include a sleeping face, wings, wing connector, and eye upgrade. The full package includes both faces and wings. The wing connector and eye upgrade are optional.

19cm tall RealFee Haru and June are offered in the same resin colors as Rus. The basic version comes with removable ears and random color eyes.  Options include a sleeping (Haru) or winking (June) faceplate and face-up for one or both faces. The full package dolls will include ears, random color eyes, both regular and sleeping (Haru) or winking (June) face-plates, a face-up for the regular face, wig, outfit and resin parts (shoes, lyre). The Ears shoes and lyre (Haru) or bow (June) will be sent blank. Options include a face-up for the sleeping face and an eye upgrade. An optional gift is a hippogriff tail connector.

Due to the expected high volume of orders expected, Fairyland has decided not to offer blushing and painting of Rus.  In addition, the company states that “In order to maintain quality of our dolls and to minimise shipping delays,FairyLine60, FairyLine, Chic Line and LittleFee Baby and all relevant optional parts of these lines are NOT available for order” while the new dolls are being sold.


FAL_Hippogriff_Rus02 FAL_Hippogriff_Rus01 RF_Haru03 RF_June03 RF_June_Haru_Hippo01