LooLou Antique Pink and Marron Glacé

Lillycat – Cerisedolls will be re-releasing Loolou in two new resin colors starting June 13th. Customers that order the BJD in the first 48 hours after the order period begins will receive a discount on their doll

From the artist:

Our preorder for Loolou is coming!
Preorder will be opened from june 13th to July 4th.
Loolou will be proposed in “Antique pink” and “Marron glacé” skin colors.
She will come with the hybrid body and two faceplates (Loolou and dreaming Loo).
The faceup will be available as option for both heads.
To celebrate the return of our lovely rabbit, we would like to offer you a special discount of 5% on Loolou’s price, during the first 48h of the preorder period. We hope you will be happy with it ^^