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Alice’s Collections has launched a new event with free shipping, discounts on wigs and shoes and a discounted resin pet hamster made by Sakura & Paper.

The 6cm hamster, Xiao CangCang, comes blank. A face-up is optional. Body painting is not included.

From the retailer:

AC 2016 Summer Event 1st Period (2016.06.06 – 2016.07.20):

a. Order over USD100 of *accessories: enjoy free EMS/DHL shipping for the ENTIRE order.
b. Doll Shoes: 10% discount.
c. Doll Wigs: 10% discount.
d. Order over USD100 of *accessories: can order a Hamster at USD15.90.
    Order over USD200 of *accessories: can order a Hamster at USD1.00 or two Hamsters at $15.90/doll.
e. Order any 25cm – 50cm doll: can order a Hamster at USD15.90.
    Order any 51cm – 80cm doll: can order a Hamster at USD1.00

Important Notes:
* Event d. & e. can’t be applied together in one order.
* This event can be enjoyed together with all doll companies’ events.
* ACCESSORIES means items under these categories – Wigs, BJD Eyes, Eyeglasses, Eyelash, Clothes,     Shoes, Shoes MS, Other .

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