Zimo and Zhuozhuo Event

Two new boy dolls, 45cm tall Zimo and 27cm Zhuozhuo were recently released by MYou Doll. The company is now offering a special discount offer for the BJDs.

ZhouZhou and Zimo may be ordered in white, pink, normal, yellow, coffee or tan resin. Basic dolls come with glass eyes and underwear. Options include a face-up, wig, outfit and shoes. The dolls may also be purchased internationally from authorized retailers.

From the company:

Until 20th June 2016, placing order on Myou June new released dolls will get 15% Off (Only for new released dolls).

You can now place pre-order from www.kokdollcollection.com
USA Agent :The Junkyspot : www.junkyspot.com
Thailand agent: Dreamlifeless
Canada agent: