Rongtian and Fengming

LoongSoul introduces two limited edition dolls, 73.5cm tall Fengming and Rongtian. Only 60 dolls of each will be released.  Both boys are sold blank with a choice of a version I or II  body in normal yellow, white or imported normal yellow, normal pink, white , real or tan skin resin. Options include a face-up, eyes, outfit and wig.

For 1 month only, Rongtian and Fengming may also be purchased through a special refund event from the company and through participating authorized retailers including Alice’s Collections.

From the company:

New Doll Promotion (2016.05.30 – 2016.06.30) :
Fengming/Rongtian: order $400 get $40 refund, order $600 get $60 refund, and so forth.



ls_rongtian_10 ls_rongtian_04 ls_rongtian_17