Elf Hunter Emma, Ruby and Ash

Elf Hunter Series dolls Emma, Ruby and Ash have been re-released at WithDoll. The pre-order for the 1/4 size BJDs will be open until June 10th. They may be ordered in white, cream white, rose white, normal and UV protectant real, gray, rosy brown or brown tan resin.

41cm tall Emma and Ruby and 45cm tall Ash will come with a pair of acrylic eyes and two extra hands. Emma and Ruby also will include both flat and heel feet. Customers may select small or large breasts for the girls.

Options for The Elf Hunter dolls include a face-up, outfit, wig, shoe feet for the girls and sandals and sandal feet for Ash, resin option parts (bow, arrows, quiver) and painting for the resin parts.





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