V-01 Pre-order

Granado’s pre-order for the VIPO line head V-01 is  now open to VIP customers. The head will be sold alone or with an optional Evol, Lads or Lads+ body.

From the company:

Our VIPs will enjoy the privilege of purchasing the doll first. (for those who have purchased dolls from us will automatically become our VIP.)
If you are our VIP and interested in owning V-01 3rd, please contact us bydpp.doll@gmail.com and include your previous order ID.
VIP’s ordering period is from 25th to 29th May, 2016. Please complete the payment by 29th May, 2016.

We will hold an after event beginning from 3rd June, 2016. A limited V-01s will be released. Everyone are welcome to make a booking on that day.

V-01 with Lads body

V-01 with Lads body

V-01 with Evol body



Resin color options

Resin color options

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