Operation Desert for 1/3 Girls

Sadol has added more Operation Desert outfits, this time for 1/3 girl dolls. The uniforms are offered in three sizes. G1 fits Dolfie Dream S, M, L dolls. G2 fits Dolfie Dream-dy, Sadol LOVE60, SD13 girl, SD9, Luts DF girl and SDF girls. G3 fits Sadol HONEY63, SD16 and Super Gem girl BJDs.

The basic uniform set will include a helmet, beret, shirt, trousers, t-shirt, ID tags, waist cartridge belt, walkie talkie and hand gun. Other items may be added including fingerless gloves, sniper rifle, bullet-proof vest and jointed hands.

For this pre-order, customers will receive a free gift with their set, a military print t-shirt. The order period is open until June 19th. Layaway is available.


operation desert girl.beret

operation desert girl

1operation desert girl.

operation desert girl.gift