Ciel – Erithacus Dress Ver.

The new version of Ciel Phantomhive from the anime and manga series Black Butler is now released at Dolk (Dolk Station). Ciel Phantomhive,  The Erithacus Dress Version is a store exclusive. The 52.2cm tall BJD was created by Immortality of Soul. The pre-order will be open until June 12th but may close earlier due to a high volume of orders.

Two doll packages are offered. The “Head set” includes a head with face-up, wig, eyes and earrings. The “Full-set” additionally includes the outfit (opera hat, choker dress petticoat, pannier, opera gloves), boots and heel foot parts. Layaway may be arranged through the store.

Full information and ordering links may be found HERE on the DOLK website.


ciel dress ver

cile dress ver1

ciel in dress