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Blue Fairy is preparing a new body for Pocket Fairy line dolls. Customers will have an opportunity to order the dolls with the current bodies this month.  The new version will be sold in June.

From the company:

We are happy to announce that, with the many customers’ love and support, the renewal of Pocket Fairy body will be started next month.

From upcoming June, sale of Pocket Fairy will be closed temporarily since the renewal work will be started in June. For the customers who have planned to order the pocket fairy dolls with current Girl, Boy, Sugar and Pepper body, we are going to take the pre-order for all Pocket Fairy types from May 16th to May 27th.

Please note that the pre-order will be proceeded twice, by week. Please refer to below schedule:

1st pre-order: From May 16th To May 21st (Production will start on May 23rd. / Shipment for non make-up orders will start on July 4th. Shipment for make-up orders will be finished by early August.)

2nd pre-order: From May 22nd to May 27th (Production will start on May 30th. / Shipment for non make-up orders will start on July 11th. Shipment for make-up orders will be finished by mid August.)

Also, if any customer wants to cancel their April ~ May pre-orders for Pocket Fairy (including body orders), which haven’t been shipped out yet, please contact us through Q&A board. Will respond you promptly.

In addition, the company will bring back “baked skin” tan resin dolls at the end of the month. The pre-order will be for Shiny Fairies.

From the company:

We are so excited to announce that the pre-order for the SF baked skin products, which has been asked from many customers, will be open from May. 30th to June. 10th.

Order type : Shiny Fairy size normal type head
(May, Hana, Benjamin, Paul, Andy, Connie, Sam, Leila, Minoru, Clare, Ellie, Jaden, Linus, Shirley)

The detail will be open on May 23th.

blue fairy baked skin


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