Musume & Okasan News

Musume & Okasan has introduced new fashions in a new size. New handbags have been added to the Etsy shop.

From the store:

Musume & Okasan Update ~ Minifee Size

New items arrived at Etsy! This time the new items are all Minifee and Slim Mini Sized (with some exceptions that will fit Iplehouse JID and MSD boys and girls).

We have new bags, and an adorable Kitty Purse! We also have new mori-style cardigans and blouses.

There are still some SD and YoSD bags and items in stock in case you want to check them out. Remember that if you saw RikkiStar review video, there is a discount coupon that you can still use!

Also, shipping cost to Australia has been lowered! If you have any questions, let us know! We are happy to answer.


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