Steam Age-Papilio and MiniFee Rohan

Tiny RealPuki Steam Age Papilio is a limited edition of 150 sets at Fairyland. He comes in natural, beautiful white or tan resin. Papilio may be ordered in a basic or full-package version. The basic doll is sold blank with an optional face-up, A winking version face-plate may be purchased (with or without face-up). The full-package version comes with both regular and winking face-plates, a pair of eyes, face-up for the regular face, clenching hands, outfit, and resin shoes and wings (blank). Options include a face-up for the winking face and an eye upgrade.  (The wig is not included.)

1/4 size MiniFee Rohan is a full-package doll. Only 68 sets are being sold. Rohan will come with an Active Line normal body, #7 hands and #5 hands, all in agra tan resin. Also included, default eyes, face-up, mohair wig, outfit, shoes and unpainted dagger. Options include
a sleeping head and optional face-up for the head and eye upgrade.