Operation Desert and My Body Guard

1/3 – 70cm boy outfits Operation Desert and My Body Guard are now available from Sadol. Free gifts are offered with qualifying purchases. The sets may be ordered in sizes designed to fit Sadol70, Volks SD17, Crobi R, Crobi M, Soom SuperGem, Dollshe Hound, Luts Super Senior Delf and 60-62 size boys. The limited edition Operation Desert set may be purchased with a 2-part layaway.

From the company:

We are here to announce and present our new sets for boys.

[Operation : Desert]

Due to limited supplies on material, the Operation series will limited sets.

* Limited period

* 1st Order period – 2016/05/05 – 2016/06/12

[1st Order period Gift]

-Gift 1. Boy Military – T

-Gift 2. Necklace for owners(45cm)

SD BOY ITEM [Body Guard] ~~

[My Bodyguard]

[My Bodyguard] Basic set
*Configuration- Jacket + Shirt + Tie + Pants

[My Bodyguard] Premium Set
*Configuration- Jacket + Shirt + Tie + Pants+Sunglasses +watch +Gift(Earphone)

* Gift (earphones) are only included in the Premium Set

Additional Options
[My Bodyguard] Hand Gun + Holster


Operation Desert1

Operation Desert