FreedomTeller Update

FreedomTeller’s latest limited edition outfit is Secret Agent – prologue (in training). The Jumpsuit comes in dark navy stripe, khaki brown check and military print. Options include a beret, flack vest and backpack. The outfit is listed for sizes  SD13, SD17 and 70cm boys. Other items available include boots for SD17 and EID size dolls and a sniper rifle in black or brown.

From the company:

Thanks for your big interesting and love about ‘Secret Agent’ series in 2015.
We’re happy to inform you that we’ve made our new limited set update

We are planning to update [Secret Agent] of 2016 in twice.

We prepared gentleman agent training suits at this time.
We showed new items: jumpsuit and accessories.
Jumpsuit and military acc. is the first creations from Freedom Teller.
Come meet these new items on Freedom Teller.

Ordering period:
2016.05.01 ~ 2016.05.21