Lala The Nomad

WithDoll has announced that new denison of Repuria, Island of Fog has now arrived. Limited edition Lala the Nomad is available in white rose white, cream white, normal or pale brown UV protectant resin. 57.5cm tall Basic Lala is sold blank with a choice of small or large breasts. She will come with a pair of Glib eyes. Options include a face-up, outfit and shoes. Free gift items resin goggles and crystal ball are sent blank or with optional painting.

From the company:

[Lala, The Nomad] is released!
[Lala, The Nomad] is sold for a limited period of time only.
This limited offer ends on May. 20.
If the sales of the product exceed our estimates,
This item could be sold out before the end of the sale period.


We offer goggles and crystal ball for free. It will not be painted.
Crystal ball is made of clear resin. Other parts are made of brown color resin.
The goggles and crystal ball in pictures are painted.

All product will be made with the highest quality sunscreen regardless of skin type.





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  • Anon Apr 30, 2016, 4:38 am

    She’s been re-named.

    • bjdcollectasy Apr 30, 2016, 12:07 pm

      Thank you for that information. The doll’s name has been updated.

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