~Wind~ a Review

1wind banner 2


I have a lot of 1/4 girl BJDs, but I haven’t added a new boy for some time. I decided I should finally find one for the collection that would be a good match for my Mystic Kids Lillian.

Chinese company MYou Doll’s  boy Wind is 45cm tall. I purchased him from one of their retailers,  KOK Doll Collection. He was ordered blank in normal skin resin.


Wind was shipped in a sturdy carton.  When I opened his box I found his certificate of authenticity and various papers, a bag with a pair of pale blue glass eyes and a face protector.


wind box


Wind was protected by both his bag and by foam strips securely wrapped and taped around his extremities.  He arrived in perfect condition. The doll came dressed in underwear. My Wind is cast in smooth opaque normal skin resin. His joints are well strung, not loose but also not too tight.


wind box 2



I decided to try a few quick poses to see how well he would model. Wind did not disappoint. He passed his first tests easily.  Like most BJDs made now, he is double jointed at the elbows and knees.  Wind’s limbs did not slip from position and they pivoted easily.


wind pose arms


He can also kneel. The knee joint is a bit clumsy-looking but functions well.


wind pose2


Before going any further, I decided to give Wind a face-up.


wind face


Wind stands easily (though he did need to prop against the wall here as the ground is uneven.)


wind stand


My doll’s torso is single jointed. (Myou also offers Wind with a double jointed torso.)  When moved around, the upper part holds its position well, even though there are no shelf rests to lock it in place.  Wind has a decent degree of both forward and backward movement. His side-to-side movement is even better.


wish torso



The upper thigh joint supports the rest of the thigh without slipping.


wind sit1

wind upper thigh


The leg  is also designed to pivot in any position without moving with the help of a bump on the inside of the upper thigh. The thigh can be turned to any point and the bump will lock into one of the many depressions seen on the inside of the lower thigh. No leg turning unexpectedly during a pose and the doll collapsing during photo shoots!


wind upper thigh 2


In fact, the only joint that didn’t work quite up to par was Wind’s neck joint.  I could not get him to hold his head looking up, just forward, to the side and down. Perhaps I can mess with the head’s S-hook and make his head move better. Otherwise, a little bit of sueding may fix the problem.



I don’t have many 1/4 size boy clothes at the moment, but I tried on what I had.  The outfit, which fit a Dollzone 1/4 boy, fit Wind just as well.



Wind is a comparatively inexpensive BJD. His posing, despite his reasonable price, is top-notch. I am very happy with him and hope to come up with a project that will pair him with Lillian sometime later this year.