Hua Rong – White

Hua Rong – White is a new 1/3 Youth line girl at Angell Studio.


Hua Rong may be ordered in any of Angell Studio’s skin colors. she is sold as a blank basic doll with optional face-up, body blushing, eyes, wig, outfit, shoes and accessories or as a full-set doll with all items included.

Hua Rong will be available from April 17th to July 17th. Customers that order her before May 17th will receive a discount.

From the company:

Limited Doll Flora Hua Rong(New Charm girl series) is released. We are now holding an activity about her.
If you order Fullset Hua Rong, you can minus 50$ in your order value.
If you order naked Hua Rong, you can minus 30$ in your order value.
The activity will be available for 30 days, during  Apr. 17th to May. 17th, 2016
Note: The agent does not participate in this activity.

Hua Rong, Limited doll, available for 3 months, from Apr. 17th to Jul. 17th, 2016
Default body: 62 cm female body with flat heels legs BH314031, with big breast.
body and breast all can be replacement, but the price would be adjusted.
If you have any problems, just feel free to contact us:

hua rong1

hua rong 2

hua rong 3