Urgom Doll

Dollmore introduces Urgom Doll. A basic version of doll Urgo may be ordered. In addition, limited edition full-set versions Souvenir Girlish Ureua and Souvenir Boyish Urgo are available.

The 1/6 bear is cast in normal skin resin. The basic doll is sold blank with a pair of acrylic eyes included. A “girlish” or “boyish” face-up may be purchased for Urgo. Other options include seam sanding and body blushing.

The full-sets Ureua and Urgo are limited editions of 10 each. They will come with a face-up, body blushing, eyes and outfit.

For a limited time. Dollmore is offering a discount for purchases of Urgom dolls.

From the company:

* Event: We make 10% discount on this urgo doll to celebrate his/her birthday.
Any customer who buy this urgo doll before 30th, April will enjoy 10% discount.
Hope many fans love this urgo doll.


Ureua and Urgo

basic urgo

urgo body