MigiDoll April Special Releases

A new version of Miho, Cynical Miho will arrive Friday at Migidoll. He will be sold as a head-only or as a full doll. Only 30 heads will be sold. Once they run out, only the full doll will be available. The pre-order period for the doll is April 15th to May 31st .

The Guy body II will also be released in specially priced kit form. Only 20 kits will be sold.

65cm Cynical Miho and the Guy II body will come in a choice of normal, white or suntan skin resin. During this order period, Migidoll will offer extra points for purchase of the doll and body kit.

From the company:

– Cynical Miho head : 20 points
– Cynical Miho Body set : 20 points + Enchanteddoll Eyes (it wear Cynical Miho : Milk #67 – 14mm)

The event time : from April 15 to May 31 .

will be selling a limited number

In order to decrease our customer’s financial burden, we release “Unassembled kit of M-Style Guy Body II”.

As it is the first time, we will take order for 20 set only.