Little Prince Dolls

The Little Prince was the inspiration for the new spring release at Peak’s Woods. Four new Fairy of Fairy-tales dolls, Star Prince, Sassy Rosy, Fox Goon and Missing Pilot are posted.  They will be released soon.

From the company:

Hi, this is Peak’s Woods.
We’d like to thank you all first for your interest and support toward our new FOF series, “The Little Prince”.
Because it has been quite long since the last FOF release, we also feel very happy and a little overwhelmed
that we could finally show off new FOF dolls to our friends and fans. 🙂
A-nd here is the brief information regarding “The Little Prince”.

Models : FOF “The Little Prince”

*Star Prince as the Little Prince
*Sassy Rosy as the Rose
*Fox Goon as the Fox
*Missing Pilot as Saint Exupery

1.The items above are all basic dolls with basic make-up.

2.Three tanned skin color of Blue Grey, Lavender Pink, Suntan will be removed from the skin option after a month.
Therefore after May 13th, only Normal & White skin color will remain available. 🙂

3.The outfits will also be removed from the option after May 13th.

*To sum up, tanned skin and outfits will be available for order from April 13th to May 13th for a month.

4.In order to celebrate a new FOF release, we are offering Blue Grey, Lavender Pink, Suntan skin to all the FOF basic dolls
from April 13th to May 13th for a month.

5.Layaway is available.


star prince

Star Prince

Sasst Rosy

Sasst Rosy

Fox Goon

Fox Goon

Missing Pilot

Missing Pilot